Pre-Course Handout and Reading:

FX Market and FX Terminology

Demo trading account tutorial

How Would an Expert Trader Approach a Trading Day

Read and Research

Learn how to keep your finger on the pulse of the market

Know what headlines and data are going to impact the market

Themes and Drivers of the FX Market

Develop Trading Indicators

Learn how to build your trading screen

Know what financial markets you should be aware of that will impact the trades you are managing

Economic Data

Learn what economic data drives markets

How to read and use economic calendar

How to find important trading events

Asses Risk Barometer

Learn how to establish a level of conviction and match that to you trade

Know how to manage the risk around your trading

Learn how to trade quiet, trending and volatile markets

How To Use Technical Analysis for Timing Trades

Learn to use technical analysis to assist with managing your risk

Know how to use charts to establish a stop loss at the correct level and defining the appropriate  risk: reward level to take your profit.

Plan Trading Strategies Around Market Events

Know what events are coming up and don’t get caught out

Learn how to trade around data and to use different strategies for different market scenarios

Executing your Trade

Learn the psychology of Trading and the discipline involved

Refine Risk and Evaluate the Trade

Learn how to evaluate your trades and learn from them to get better

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