Corporate Education

Retail Provider Webinars

It is our aim to improve education for all retail traders and we offer 4, 8 and 12 week programs to provide all of your customers, at any level, the very best possible quality of trading education.

This ensures you are doing the best for your clients but also retaining and developing their knowledge while ensuring every trade they place with you is done with an increased confidence and skill set.

While we have a vast library of content that can be utilised we bespoke tailor each product specifically for our client’s needs to ensure that every request is catered for. Whether it is the level of attendee or the content you wish to deliver, from charting supply and demand to discussing how to trade using options

Institutional Education

At Corellian we pride ourselves on being able to meet any needs our clients may have. Our modular approach to training allows us to cater for larger audiences from many differing business sectors and find interesting and immersive topics to make the experience as engaging as possible. 

  • Designed by FX market professionals with unrivalled market experience.
  • Delivered by a team of mentors that have been through multiple financial crises at the front line.
  • Modular learning covering the entire FX spectrum.
    • Ethics
    • FX Global Code
    • Markets
    • Products
  • Focused series of interactive webinars created to bring the mentor experiences direct to the online attendee.
  • Recorded videos and tutorials offering flexibility and CPD accreditation.

FX Global Code

The FX Global Code was published in August 2018 by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC). The GFXC are a group of central banks and market participants who agreed common standards for those operating in the FX markets.

The FX Global Code is a voluntary market-led response to the various misconduct type issues in the FX markets that emerged during 2013 – 2014. Whilst it is a voluntary code, many regulators expect firms to be adhering to its principles of good practice.

We offer courses for those wanting to understand the spirit of the code,  what it takes to commit to the code and the benefits this conveys. We also offer courses for those that want to deep dive into the code for sales and trading. Here we combine the code with ethics and SMCR in partnership with Leaman Crellin Limited

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Our Global Code, SMCR & Ethics courses are created to fulfil our clients bespoke training requirements, but please click below to see an example of the type of content we can create for your company
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