Lee Scott

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Lee began his career at Lloyds bank in 1985 training in various Cash, Forward and OBS products. He began his trading career in 1989 specialising in Forward FX and FRA’s before being appointed head of FX Forwards in 1995. Lee has had a successful and dynamic career to date with many highlights; he has played a part in the globalisation of the Lloyds bank trading business, helped navigate multiple major financial crisis and the planning and execution of the highly complex ring-fencing legislation process for Lloyds in 2018. Since being appointed head of FX and Repo for Lloyds Bank Capital Markets, he has successfully guided Lloyds through material projects such as Brexit and was instrumental in planning and executing the regulatory interpretation and management processes for the Group. 

Lee left Lloyds after 34 years in March 2020 and joined Corellian Global shortly after as C.O.O. looking to assist the Corellian Academy as it looks to implement a much wider group of products and achieve a more global client base and footprint