The History of Corellian

The Corellian Academy was formed in 2016 by close friends and former colleagues Graeme King and Peter Wells. Originally it was part of a much larger financial services company that offered multiple strands which included asset management, global financial markets trading and FX advisory but it was soon clear that the academy element had its own path and individual future in the education space.

In 2018 it broke away from the parent company and, because of its growing capabilities, became a stand alone education platform. It was always the mission to assemble a team that included some of the brightest and most respected people in the global markets industry and we believe we have gone a long way to achieving that.

Whether it be from a trading, sales or business function background, our team bring years of experience working for banks such as Merrill Lynch, J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered and Barclays to a world that was in vital need of higher educational standards.

We have, and continue to, deliver the highest quality of education across many different subjects to many different geographies. Whether it be learning to trade financial markets in the retail space, positioning your institution to navigate the harsh landscapes of Global Code of Conduct (GCC) or Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), the Corellian team are here to help by imparting the knowledge and skills gained while operating in, and being in charge of, global financial market businesses.

Our ethos is to focus on the individuals so that they become immersed in the world we are teaching. The importance of capital preservation and top down management oversight is something we take very personally and our mentors are here to provide that unique oversight and professional interpretation of the dangerous roads ahead.

The client journey is of the utmost importance and we hope that you will find the level of expertise on hand will make your journey that much smoother

Welcome to The Corellian Academy

Graeme King

CEO – The Corellian Group

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