Individual Traders

Our mentors each have 25+ years trading at some of the largest global institutions and understand how challenging it can be to trade financial markets, which is why we The Edge to webinar help traders tap into our wealth of experience and be better prepared. Come join us and “Unlock the Markets”.

The Corellian Academy

Our Education Partners

Our mentors deliver professional trading and real time education on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis through social media, written newsletters, webinar or classroom based formats.

Their aim is to clearly explain what is happening in financial markets, improve risk management, develop technical analysis skills and trading strategies.

What our customers say about our education

“It’s why I keep coming back. I’ve done other webinars with other brokers. These guys are next level. Awesome every single time.”

“I was absolutely blown away by the four individual experts, the amount of knowledge and information they shared collectively and all coming straight from their mind and not from written scripts.”

“Thanks Corellian team, I am just starting out as a trader so this is all new to me but it’s very good and really informative”

“An excellent course covering Technical, Fundamental, Strategic and Psychological aspects of trading. Delivered by seasoned market professionals in a clear candid manner with deep markets insights and very practical advice. Highly recommended for anyone starting out or settling into their trading journey.”

Examples of the The Edge webinar 3 step process

Step 1: Where did markets end last week and why

  • Risk sentiment of the market
  • Key Friday data releases
  • Major stock, FX, commodity and bond markets

Step 2: What’s new from the weekend

  • Key news and headlines from over the weekend
  • Big events that may impact the official Monday open
  • Early Asia economic data releases that may move markets

Step 3: Looking forward to the week ahead

  • Important economic releases, central bank meetings or speakers
  • Identify the market focus across stock indices, FX and commodity markets
  • Highlight possible trends and outline key chart levels for the major markets

Want to discuss things further?

The Corellian team would welcome the chance to discuss how we could work together to achieve a cost effective solution for your education and content business goals.