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At the Corellian Academy we are focused on delivering world class content to support your every business need.

Whether it’s short notifications, posts or videos to drive new client acquisition on social media or webinars and newsletters to educate and retain clients, our mentors have the skills, experience and knowledge.

We work hand in hand with your sales, content and marketing teams to meet your specific requirements.

The Corellian Academy

Partnering together to achieve the best possible results

“We have had the pleasure of working with The Corellian Academy for the last year and the experience has been exceptional. Not only is their educational content of the highest quality, but their team is also incredibly responsive and easy to work with. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met and that our traders are receiving the best content possible. Our relationship with The Corellian Academy has been a great asset to our company and we are very happy with the results. We highly recommend them for their excellent content and fantastic service.”

Bashan Zagagi – Head of Marketing Growth Plus500

Our Services


  • Professional trading and real time education
  • Tailored thematic content showcasing platform functionality
  • Upskill client knowledge
  • Increase client engagement
  • All clients or premium only


  • Private mentoring sessions
  • One to One or small groups
  • Strategy, Technical analysis, risk management and Psychology components.
  • Flexible session lengths

Video content

  • Evergreen platform and trading explainers
  • Market driven recordings on past, present or future events
  • Fully branded
  • Bespoke creation or utilise the existing Corellian video library

Market commentary

  • Sunday newsletter
  • Daily morning updates
  • Event focused commentary
  • Unscheduled events notifications
  • End of week review

eBooks and trading guides

  • Platform explainers
  • Trading idea generation
  • Market indicators
  • Trading strategies
  • Psychology and execution
  • Risk management

Social media content

  • Branded posts
  • Screenshots and text explainers
  • Short videos
  • Highlight new platform features and functionality
  • Market mover notifications

Helping our clients meet their regulatory duty

To meet the FCA Consumer Duty, platform providers need to ensure that they act in the best interests of their customers, provide them with appropriate products and services, and treat them fairly throughout their customer journey. This includes providing clear and transparent information about products and services, ensuring that customers can easily access and use them, and taking steps to prevent potential harm or negative outcomes. Additionally, platform providers must actively monitor and review their products and services to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of their customers and comply with regulatory requirements.

Find out how The Corellian Academy can help

Services provided to our clients


A bespoke premium client service consisting of weekday and weekend, written, webinar and translated content. Combining professional trading education and real time updates on past, present and future events and moves.


Weekly webinars focused on stock, bond, FX and commodity markets. Have delivered a 12 week foundation course on risk management, strategy, and technical analysis.

Saxo Group

Individually created thematic webinars. Covering real time commentary, trading strategies, risk management, equity markets, crypto markets, FX markets, building a portfolio and options trading.

A comprehensive package of bi- weekly webinars, written commentary and newsletter for all clients. As well as classroom and webinar courses for premium clients.

IG Group

A tailored classroom based trading focused course for premium clients. Covering risk management, options in FX, stock and commodity markets.


An 8 week tailored cryptocurrency trading course delivered in webinar format. Encompassing general crypto market education, technical analysis, trading strategies and real time analysis.

Want to discuss things further?

The Corellian team would welcome the chance to discuss how we could work together to achieve a cost effective solution for your education and content business goals.