Thank you again. Great presentations.


Great analysis…very helpful and much appreciated


Thank you and the team for such a huge wealth of relevant current market information. It really helps us students to appreciate what is happening.


This is what every beginner needs to survive in the market


Just a note to say that I followed the risk management webinar and loved it. It is already making a major difference in the way I am trading. I attended and reviewed each session, and in each one I had info that led me to clearly improve my ways. I will now make a small […]


Thank you for the webinars on Thursdays and Sundays, they are always excellent quality and very insightful.


Superb webinar again. This is an absolute “must attend” event now imo. Same for Sundays.

D.C. user weekly webinar

It’s why I keep coming back. I’ve done other webinars with other brokers. You guys are the next level.


Awesome sessions, week in, week out!


I cannot praise your Sunday Night Webinars enough. Each Sunday I was presented with more enlightened information than I could obtain all week reading the Financial Pundits from a multitude of Sites and Periodicals.